In a pioneering socially engaged project with a publiic realm outcome commissioned by property developer Crest Nicholson,  young people in Penarth were invited to tell the story of the notorious housing project, the Billy Banks, and its transition to desirable habourside properties.


Working closely with 6 schools and their communities, the project involved young people in generating narratives comprised of images; found, drawn, photographed, digitally manipulated and moving, accompanied by spoken word, text and sound recordings to make a series of compelling short films, animations, interactive games including drawing, photography, and 3D making. 


Housed online as a unique virtual environment, Penarth Heights also takes the form of a site specific installation. QR codes are embedded into the fabric of the new building development, allowing the viewer to experience a glimpse of the former life of the area using their smart phone to direct them to a story from the project corresponding their exact location.

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penarth heights stanwell