This project with artist Martina Mullaney engaged the clients of night shelters, hostels as well as rough sleepers in a series of photographic workshops, culminating in a publication, gallery and public realm exhibition


The participants created a moving series of images which described their daily experiences and difficulties in a way that they had not been able to do before. As a starting point to counsel and discuss the impact of a period of homelessness on someone’s life, the pictures are a valuable resource, providing a means of expression for the often devastating sense of isolation and loneliness, contributing to the many emotional problems which can be experienced. On a practical level, the workshops provided a much-needed sense of purpose for an otherwise long day before the hostel opens again during the evening. In discussion with Martina, the workshop leader, the homeless people planned their day’s shooting, before returning to discuss the results in the evening. They worked towards improving their expressive skills and visual literacy with a view to making a complete portfolio of work which represented a compelling documentary of their daily experience.

Turn in Bed
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